Transparent and Visible Remanufacturing Process

All those rebuilt hydraulic parts and engines are recycled, processed, assembled, tested and refurbished by our own technical team, so all the details in process can be inspected in time, it is our specialty and the best sense of security for our customers. This is the basic difference between us and those trading companies.


Principles of parts recovery

We collect these original aftermarket hydraulic parts and engines from all over the world, and form a systematic recycling process to achieve the best quality control parts at the source.

The vast majority of these original and aftermarket parts are from the machine disassembly factory, only when these parts can work normally on the machine under negative pressure, can them meet our most basic recycling conditions. In this case, the quality of these parts can be fundamentally guaranteed, and the value of being rebuilt can be achieved. If they were broken, on the one hand, a lot of its components are defective and failed. On the other hand, these broken parts, even if they are rebuilt, they still present more risks. 


Disassembly and inspection after cleaning                               

All these original aftermarket parts will be disassembled after cleaning, every component will be inspected carefully. Those defective parts will be replaced by those original and secondhand parts, and the most important thing is that all of these components will just have little wear and tear, conditions are perfect. In that way, we can regard the quality of these parts as original and rebuilt. 

We will record the real shooting of these components when we assembling, so both you and your client and inspect the quality and make sure whether it is consistent with our negotiation. Everything will be under your control and be transparent.



After their have been assembled, those rebuilt parts, no matter hydraulic pumps, final commands(final drives), swing devices(rotary groups), as well as main control valves, they all will be tested on the hydraulic bench. So we can guarantee they can certainly work normal under the maximum hydraulic pressure before delivery.

   As for these rebuilt engines are running the same way, we will make everything clear to you. Not only the processing, but also the commissioning.


After the part passed the commissioning, we will refurbished the part according to your specific requirements. And then sand it and paint it. The appearance of the part will be approached to brand new. 


It is the final process of rebuilding, but it is not the end of our deal! Because we provide a long-term warranty for all our rebuilt parts. And the warranty starts only after your client installs that parts. Shipping time and your marketing time(up to two months marketing time is allowed) are not included. This will be human setting.